BE Yourself - Dance and Voice

Free Expression of Body and Voice

» Next BE Yourself

we are now on summer break

next session Friday 15th September, 7:30 pm

at Estúdio de Corpo e Alma


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Be yourself, expressão autêntica, canto, voz, movimento livre, dança, percussão, liberdade, celebrar, vida, ser, espiritualidade, criatividade, lina afonso

A space of Freedom, Affirmation and Pleasure! Allow Yourself!
Experiment, release, dare, improvise, play, enjoy! Nourish Body and Soul.


The beauty and power of combining various forms of expression in a fluid and creative way. A safe space where everyone can express themselves freely.


Relax body and mind, creating the conditions for a state of greater presence and availability. RELEASE. ROOT.

Awaken without haste, giving space to intuition and spontaneity. EXPRESS. FLOW.



Let us be guided by the Life Force that inhabits us. 

Allowing ourselves to manifest All That We Are.

Nothing to prove. Nothing to achieve. Simply Be.


» Participation

Open to all people; no previous experience or special gifts required.
After all, the invitation is "Be Yourself", nothing more! S
imple and natural.

Bring comfortable clothing that allows free movement, socks (shoes stay at the entrance) and a bottle with water.



» Date and Schedule

Friday 15th September, 7:30 to 9:30 pm


» Conscious Price

12€ to 20€: Conscious contribution, based on the reciprocal principles of respect, solidarity and abundance.


» Info & Registration

Limited spaces (small group), thank you for registering ahead.

Lina Afonso de Corpo e Alma | 96 999 4141


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» About me

From a young age I am fascinated with the mystery of Existence and I seek a meaningful life where I can manifest all that I am. As an open and curious woman, I looked for answers to my learning and transformation impulse: yoga, shamanism, sacred feminine, free expression of body and voice, dance, chi kung and tai chi, singing and theater. Living in other countries and contact with other cultures has enhanced my awareness of who I am and who I want to be. Crosswise to all these experiences are the balance between female and male forces and respect and love based human relations.


Each proposal, each experience, adds something to us. It allows us to combine different feelings, glances, qualities, and nourish the multidimensional Being that we are! My experience shows me that, this way it is easier to connect with our inner strength and reconnect with the Great Life. And it is this energy and quality that I want to share!


* Cartaz: design by, photography by Lisa McNulty