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Aulas Regulares / Regular Classes

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Flow with Me






Morning Breath Detox

Jo Anna




Yoga de

Corpo e Alma


Yin Yoga










Poetry in Movement





Hatha Yoga










Yin Yoga



Yoga Online

auf Deutsch




Yoga de

Corpo e Alma




Yoga de

Corpo e Alma


Transformational Breathwork*

Jo Anna


Kundalini Yoga

for Men




Aulas em português ou inglês em função do grupo e d@ facilitador/a (e uma aula online em alemão).
Podem fazer combinação de aulas, conforme a vossa preferência.
Para outros horários e aulas privadas, falem connosco.

Aula avulso: 15€ | *25€

Mensalidade: 50€ 1x semana | 80€ 2x semana

Em baixo tens uma breve apresentação de cada prática com os contactos; para informação e reservas, contacta diretamente o/a facilitador/a.

Classes in Portuguese or English depending on the group and facilitator (and one online class in German).
You can combine classes according to your preference.
For other schedules and private lessons, please contact us.

Single class: 15€ | *25€

Monthly fee: 50€ 1x week | 80€ 2x week

Below you have a brief presentation of each practice with the contacts; for information and reservation, contact the facilitator directly.

Yoga de Corpo e Alma com Lina

» terça-feira/Tuesday:
17h45 às 19h00 Online auf Deutsch
19h15 às 20h30

» quinta-feira/Thursday:
10h30 às 11h45

18h30 às 19h45

*Conduzido em português, inglês ou alemão


Estúdio de Corpo e Alma, Yoga de Corpo e Alma, Lina, Yoga, aulas de yoga, yoga classes, yoga in English, yoga online auf Deutsch

*apresentação em Português


An integral, deep and diverse practice to experience and deepen a work with the body, mind and breath, with the purpose of harmonizing all our dimensions - physical, emotional and mental - and align them with the spirit (or, if you prefer, with the vital energy that inhabits us and gives us life).

I integrate various approaches to Yoga in a balance between tradition and evolution, between rigor and fluidity, between physicality and transcendence.

Yoga is not the perfect performance of certain postures but the attitude we put into each action (or non-action). Both in practice and in life, the purpose is to act with sensitivity, awareness, free breathing and a peaceful mind. It presupposes an individual will and dedication to learning and transformation.

Facilitated by: Lina Afonso



Monthly fee, 1x week: 50€

Monthly fee, 2x week: 80€

Drop-in: 15€


More info & Registration:

+351 96 999 4141


Morning Breath Detox with Jo Anna

» segunda-feira/Monday - 10h00 to 11h00

*Conducted in English



This program combines mental & breathing exercises to provide you with various scientifically proven practices to improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

This session is for you if you want to:
- beat your coffee addiction and start the day with more focus
- connect with your body and regulate hormonal states
- build up your immune system
- get on-demand access to unlimited energy
- build a toolbox for emotional regulation

Morning Breath Detox is a powerful journey of mental & breathing exercises followed by restorative meditation to kick off your day, boost energy and relief stress.

Facilitated by: Jo Anna





More info & Registration:
+43 676 4320080 (

Magical Yin Yoga with Lisette (EN)

» segunda-feira/Monday - 19h00 às 20h15

» sexta-feira/Friday - 9h45 às 11h00

*Conducted in English


Estúdio de Corpo e Alma, Yin Yoga, Lisette, Yoga, aulas de yoga, yoga classes, yoga in english


Journey into your inner landscape with Yin Yoga, a gentle and meditative yoga practice to experience the deeper layers of the body, mind and soul.


In this practice you will plant new seeds through the five layers of the self: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Facilitated by: Lisette Van der Valk



Monthly fee, 1x week: 50€

Pack of 5: 60€

Drop-in: 15€


More info & Registration:

+351 968 609 837


Biodanza with Arthur (EN)

» terça-feira/Tuesday - 11h00 às 13h00

*Conducted in English (with language support for French speakers)


Estúdio de Corpo e Alma, Biodanza, Arthur Vasconcelos, dança, dance


Biodanza, or the Dance of Life, uses movement and sound to elaborate on recuperating early human functions and traveling the path of vitality, joy, and harmony. No previous skills are required. All are welcome to join.


Biodanza is a gentle and happy practice with no verbal communication during the dance.


Facilitated by: Arthur Vasconcelos



Monthly fee, 1x week: 50€
Drop-in: 15€


More info & Registration:

+351 917 257 214


Flow with Me | with Tina (EN)

» quarta-feira/Wednesday - 9h00 às 10h00

*Conducted in English


Estúdio de Corpo e Alma, Vinyasa Yoga, Flow with Me,  Tina Sahl, Yoga, aulas de yoga, yoga classes, yoga in english


Tina's classes are a combination of flowing movements, asanas and moments of stillness. Tina guides you through a gentle flow that allows you to arrive in your body, to connect with your breath and to inspire you to move with passion.


The classes are best suited for practitioners with a basic knowledge of yoga and intermediate practitioners who want to either return to or explore a style of yoga that is fluid, gentle and yet powerful.


Facilitated by: Tina Sahl



Monthly fee, 1x week: 50€

Drop-in: 15€


More info & Registration:

+351 917 970 488


Hatha Yoga com Mariana

» quarta-feira/Wednesday - 12h30 to 13h30

*Conduzido em português ou inglês


Estúdio de Corpo e Alma, Hatha Yoga, Mariana Alcobia, Yoga, aulas de yoga, yoga classes, yoga in english

Aulas fluídas e energéticas focadas na respiração e no alinhamento do corpo, com a intenção de levar @ alun@ a mover-se ao ritmo da sua respiração através de sequências que se adaptam a cada pessoa. 60 minutos em que convido cada participante a focar-se no momento presente e a encarar a vida através de diversos ângulos.

Fluid and energetic classes focused on breathing and alignement of the body, with the intention to make the participant move by the rythm of his/her breathing through sequences that can be adapted to everyone. 60 minutes where I invite each participant to focus on the present moment and to look at life by several angles.

Facilitado por: Mariana Alcobia



Mensalidade 1x semana: 40€

Aula avulsa/Drop-in: 12€


Mais info & Reservas:

+351 919702244


Transformational Breathwork with Jo Anna

» quarta-feira/Wednesday - 19h30 to 21h00

*Conducted in English



In this special session, you will have a chance to:
- unlock emotional baggage and release stagnant energies that cause the pain in your body
- relieve stress, overwhelm, and anxiety
- assess your subconscious to change limiting beliefs that prevent you from living a full, vibrant life.
Transformational Breathing is a natural, safe, easy-to-learn technique that allows our own inner healing resources to be activated and helps to increase physical vitality, resolve trauma and stress, and bring balance, inner peace and joy.
Using therapeutic tools such as conscious breathing, acupressure, toning, and somatic movement, we will dive deep into our subconsciousness to bring permanent change on a cellular level.

Facilitated by: Jo Anna




More info & Registration:

+43 6764 320080 (WhatsApp)

Kundalini Yoga for Men with Devta

» quinta-feira/Thursday - 20h00 to 21h30

*Conducted in English


Estúdio de Corpo e Alma, Kundalini Yoga for Men, Yoga for Men, Devta Singh, Yoga, aulas de yoga, yoga classes, yoga in english


Yoga can help a man to find his inner balance and to nourish himself from the inside. The classes are covering themes that are worth exploring for every man. Expect invigorating and sometimes challenging exercises.

The structure follows that of a standard Kundalini Yoga class, including the following components:

Tune in / Exercise series (Kriya) / Deep relaxation / Meditation and/or Pranayam / Tune out


What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is known as the Yoga of consciousness. It includes many dynamic movements as well as holding exercises and meditative aspects. Breath and conscious breathing as well as the use of mantras play a central role.


Kundalini Yoga

- increases physical flexibility

- strengthens the nervous system

- creates an energy flow in the body

- helps to calm down & find inner peace

- and much more ...


Facilitated by: Devta Singh



Drop-in: 15€

Pack of 5: 60€


More info & Registration:

+351 932 813 017


Poetry in Movement com Sofia Ferreira

» sexta-feira/Friday - 11h30 às 13h00

*Conduzido em português, inglês ou espanhol


Estúdio de Corpo e Alma, Poetry in Movement, Sofia Ferreira, dança, dance, movimento livre


This work links energetic practices (chi kung and tai chi), with contemporary dance and the sensitivity of fascia consciousness. Classes may be developed in a circle and evolve into expanding with the breath, in a living pulsation. We learn to listen to the group and its needs just as our own and to be fully Present in freedom and fluidity.

Sensorial based explorations may take place, in playful but powerful exercises that help us to understand body wisdom and unlock our internal movement and connect it with the external world. A sense of unity and belonging naturally arises while we integrate also mind and emotions. It’s an experience of deep ecology in every cell of the body, transforming our movement in life into pure co-creation!


This practice is intended for beings wanting to learn exercises to support their vitality and innate capacity to heal and adapt to the challenges of life. Also for beings wanting to know themselves and their instincts better, and to use their bodies as sensitive partners for expression, in truth.


Facilitated by: Sofia Ferreira



Monthly fee, 1x week: 50€

Drop-in: 15€


More info & Registration:

+351 911 164 769